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Ghost Busting is a long tradition in the African Culture where Expert Ghostbusters would visit a village and try to hunt and catch ghosts before we proceed further we need to explain a few things.

What is a Ghost: This is the spirit of the dead that rises and starts haunting the people who used to know or people that the person appearing as a Ghost to came into contact with during their lifetime. These spirits can take many shapes and forms from appearing translucent to being an invisible voice or negative lingering energy with a certain part of your house or home.


What are the motives of Ghosts: Ghost can have two motives a positive motive or a negative motive; a positive motive can mean that the ghost or ghosts are trying to warn you against a person or something or to give you a clue about the past; the negative motive is self-explanatory where the ghosts main intention is to inflict pain in your life or cause you to live a miserable life.


What makes ghosts appear to people: Ghost usually come from a person’s past the life they have lived, the things they have done for example if a policeman kills a person who is innocent at some point in that policeman’s life they may start seeing the ghost of their victim and this will haunt them forever because they took innocent blood.



Should you call a ghostbuster?: Before you call a ghostbuster you need to be honest with yourself and be willing to talk about the things you have done so that we understand the type of ghost we are dealing with.


Spiritual possession is a phenomenon in which a stray being from the Spirit World constantly or temporarily possesses and exerts a negative influence on a person living on earth. Most commonly they are known as 'evil spirits' and, although many people may scoff at the idea, it is a real and undeniable fact that they exist and influence our lives. Spiritual possession can be the cause of illnesses, mental disorders or even crimes, but this phenomenon is not being treated appropriately since modern medicine and science do not recognize the existence of spiritual possession.



 Getting Rid of Unwanted Spirits from your Home/ House 

The fact is though the phenomenon of spiritual possession is a common occurrence and to prevent or counter it people must have accurate spiritual knowledge, When humans are possessed by evil spirits, their character changes and they seem to no longer be themselves. If the possession is expressed very strongly, a person may become very aggressive, greedy or jealous, he may start to eat and drink to excess, or lust after the opposite sex like an animal. 

*Being Attacked by evil spirits or demons 

The human body feels heavy when it is possessed by an evil spirit: the neck and shoulders feel stiff; the spine and lower back feel heavy. A vicious circle starts when a person is always in a bad mood and no longer gets on well with other people. 


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